The Badian’s Wish

If I could sing, sing you a song
I’d sing away my whole lifelong
I’d sing a song that you would know
Was song by someone long ago.

If I could sing to you my love
I’d sing a song I’d heard above
Sung by angels just for you
And I’d make every word ring true.

And if I stood before your throne
In company or there alone,
And you gave me just one true art
I’d sing the music of my heart.

I’d sing of love, I’d sing of woe,
I’d sing of things heard long ago,
I’d sing of all the world and you,
I’d sing the old, I’d sing the new.

I’d sing the universal song
Reborn with every breath now gone,
The very song by which was born
This very world that you adorn.

I’d sing of all the million years
That have passed away in tears,
I’d sing of every happiness
And then I’d sing in pure silence.


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