Ritratto di signora

Bright as the endless sun you held in trance
The sands below your feet and made the rain
Fall where no rain falls and the giants dance;
Flamingos, llamas, and sandpipers came
To greet you. You took the world in romance
And the world obeyed and was your domain;
There was no need for you to ask of me
To have an invitation and a key.

Santiago found you at my doorstep
When I had plans in Valparaíso
But by some chance fiasco I was kept
To find you in my kitchen apropos.
And so we dined and laughed and strolled and slept,
But all of that you already know;
And that night perhaps you dreamt of horses
Running with your money on the courses.

And you as we walked the cobblestone street
After Picella nearly won the race,
You were gold and purple from head to feet
Having clothed yourself in twilight’s embrace.
There you were, desired on the concrete,
Lithe and lively with elegance and grace;
You were a thing of beauty, and I
The envy of every glaring passerby.

When you left the sky was watercolored
Above mountain silhouettes of varying shades
Standing in the distance, cold, pale, obscured.
The day we walked the promenades
You had enchanted everything, allured
Everyone, flowering as you strayed;
That morning you had slept in the gentle air
While I watched the sun melt into your hair.


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