Lumine prophetico

To the melody of Lilium floruit.

With a Manifest Book
A Light has come to us
Reviving Mecca’s font
With a Sacred Trust:
Adam’s flower foretold
By Moses and Jesus.


Eia, eia
Eia in monte lucis
Praecepit Veritatis
Vocans nos recitare
Et libro cognoscere
Ad primum misterium
De propheticis sigillum
Quod veritas aeterna:
Non est deus nisi Allah
Mahometus est propheta.

Through him all is redeemed
And harmony restored.
He is the gate between
Mankind and the Lord.
In heaven he is praised,
On earth he is adored.

He is a mercy sent
By the Merciful One.
No one has equaled him
Since the world was begun;
No one will equal him
Should the world be undone.

His beauty makes silence
Burst into endless song.
His majesty mutes all
Makes love speechless and withdrawn.
His alchemy makes gold,
Transmutes virtue from wrong.

May his name be hallowed
In every place with every breath
May he and his nation
Like Abraham be blessed
And to his truthfulness
May all creation attest.

May the words of Rafi‘
To Muhammad ascend,
He is altogether lovely
My beloved, my friend;
And better praise than this
Be upon him without end.