Correspondence On Repentence

Accusing Soul (by Sidi Seth Leffey)

At times there is a fall
From summits of pretension;
You groan upon your back and stare
Into the cherished heaven–

With heart that shrieks its rage
At you alone, you rise
To seek a better course this time–
More lowly, and more wise.

Most blessed organ, this
Hurt heart that accuses,
That drives us toward Paradise
By means of reproaches.

Soul Accused (by Rafael)

But then it is a happy thought
To think progress at hand
Yet my friend if repent we not
What then, what then commands?

If instead of heart-felt prayers
Softened with untold tears
And breathed humbly in heavy airs
What if we mute our fears?

What if we cannot bow to East
— or West — or bow at all?
Not for pride or despair — at least
Not for His, but for our own fall.


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