If those who ask ask who I am,
Tell them I’m a gilded songbird
Whose helpless faults and sins should damn
Except that I have been conferred
With song, and singing of my Lord
I please Him, and He pardons me
Until it delights Him to grant reward
And perch me on His Throne that I may see
The wonders of His Care for me
And sing, sing, sing breathing with heart and soul
Until my songs are worn and I must be
At once rent, at once broken, at once whole;
That I am: a caged bird made to sing
And give my gifts, a courtier to the King.

Uirapuru song.

Featured on the Court of Lions.

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2 comments on “Uirapuru

  1. edin1 says:

    Assalamu `alaikum,

    Masha Allah, nice blog! Jazak Allah!

    You could put this poem on your “About” page

  2. Basim Salim says:

    AssalamuAlaykum Sidi,
    MashAllah! Another moving poem.
    Hope all is well with you.


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