O circle of lovers,
Come hurry!
Let us stomp the ego
In fury.

O circle of seekers
Come quick and find,
Let us call on Him, Him;
In Him unwind!

O circle of men
Stand and rise,
Lose all care for
Your mortal guise.

Sway and bow
Bow and sway
The moment is now
Before it slips away.

He! He! He is He!
He alone is He!
You are naught!
Affirm it and see.

Come let us stomp
Let us rage
Let us roar
For our Sole Desire.

Allah! Allah! Ah!
Breath of Truth!
Stomp, and rage, and roar, and dance
Upon the gardens of Paradise!

The Rage! The Roar!
Let us crack the Heavens
And tear apart our-selves;
And open wide our hearts.

We are nothing but
The tempest of our love,
Our need and desire;
Our pain and tears and hope — ALLAH!


2 comments on “Presence

  1. Aadil says:

    SubhanAllah! What strong words!

  2. Salikah says:

    A poet
    Does capture so well, the
    Rapid heart beats of
    A servant in dhikr

    (clearly you’re the poet, not moi)

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