A bleak concoction dreamt energetically following gales harbouring inspirational jabberwockery karmically loosed magically north of prophetic quintessence (Rafael says to unbelievers “Vie with xenagogues ye ziraleetors!”)

A blessing can darken enigmas found growing hot in jeering knightly lullabies murmured nearly overbearingly perfectly quiveringly reverently silently to unborn visions where xebecs yearly zip.

A blossom could die eager for groaning hoarse injunctions jutting killingly lethal mumbled neatly over pernicious quails running swiftly towards uncertain victories when Xavante yell “Zounds!”

Apricot branches cunningly dangle eager for gazelles hungry in jackets knitted lugubriously messily near oligarchical palaces questionably redesigned so to undo venial worries xenophobes yawned zanily.

A bare carpet destined eternally for ghazals hatched in juxtaposed kennings left marginalised near ostentatious patterns queerly rhyming (sometimes twirling) under vanities which xenial yelps zone.

A blatantly certain decision egregiously forms gaping hallmarks interjecting junctions kindling lost meanings noxiously obfuscating plainly quarrelsome recriminations since time underwent vanquishment whence Xeno yanked Zeno.

Anglo-Saxon became concernedly difficult especially following generational haggling influencing jubilantly kind lapactics, making Norman occupational philosophic queries resoundingly seem tedious until vetted wisdom x’d yankee-doodle zealotry.

“After bustling cheerfully, Damien expressed frothing gestures heaving icicles joyfully knowing lacerations make naughtily operatic Palestinian qasidas resemble sonnets to uneducated vassals” whistled xenops-like yonder Zeitgeist.

“AH!” bellowed capricious devils echoing from ghastly hells. Inadvertently jumping, kithing labouriously, many noticed orbiting planets quizzically really swing twistingly, undertaking vast wonderful xenodochial yearning zappily.

And Brutus, Célimène, Dennis, Edgar, Fabius, George, Helen, Isabel, Jezebel, Kim, Lil, Magill, Nancy, Octavia, Prudence, Quetzalcoatl, Rodger, Stephen, Tina, Ulysses, Verónica, wore xilinous yellow zibeline.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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