Veil not your hypocrisy against those
Who veil their modesty and virtue chose
Instead of wanton sin and certain woes,
O foul betrayer of the cost of liberty.
Stand outside their gates! Venture not inside!
Better shameless poverty than to hide
Behind the veiled freedom they have denied,
Those tyrant marshals of conformity.
Be brave! Be proud! Be firm! Be resolute!
Against this evil that has taken root
In the lands of the Frank, the Turk, the Jute
And Moor, whence Hannibal sought destiny.
Prove to us this promised freedom is not a mere façade
Condemn us not nor veil from us the right to live by God.

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One comment on “Solzhenitsyn

  1. Telemachus says:

    Thanks for checking out my poems and linking me to yours. Very nice. You do sonnets extremely well!

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