Yet Nameless

I’d hold you close if I knew where you are
Or how to read the sky to reach a star,
But with empty arms I must stand alone
Searching my dream in every bazaar.
The face I sigh over is yet unknown
And I know not her name to weep and moan,
But I still have my own paths to pursue
During which I cannot her absence groan
And wail in worthless heaps; that will not do.
Solitude must not this lone heart subdue,
It must polish until without falter
It shines more brightly than the stellar crew:
A burning sacrifice on the altar
To the One Whose love shall never alter.

Featured on the Court of Lions.

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4 comments on “Yet Nameless

  1. thetruthoutthere says:

    this is the most beautiful and meaningful poem i have ever heard!!! You have a huge gift. You should totally go pro!!! truely this is so awsome

  2. Amina says:

    I’ve found your blog accidently today and I must I am really impressed. very good writing!
    regards from poland

  3. eebee says:

    This piece is wonderful, Rafael! I love it. :)

  4. Ayan says:

    Assalaamu Aliakum

    I weep, for this is how I wish he felt. I have a nameless one, a face that burns me till this day.

    May Allah grant you peace and the a breeze of sweet coolness to rest your burning heart as ease.

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