A Secret?

“This quiet
Moment in which out
-stretched hands plead

A most dire desperation
Which brings to heart sedation

Like rainfall
Knitting silver pearls
In spiderwebs

Gleaming off the wild tresses
Of ancient willows.” confesses

This quiet
Moment in which out
-stretched hands plead

In the dark of deception
Waiting the heart’s inception.


5 comments on “A Secret?

  1. Interesting. Who is the author?

    Motamid: All the works (this one included) on this site are my own or as is the case of some of the translations were done in collaboration. Thank you for reading!

  2. darvish says:

    Really haunting, dear Brother, with lovely imagery :)

    Like rainfall knitting silver pearls in spiderwebs…

    really great :)

    Ya Haqq!

  3. rhapsodysinger says:

    I rather agree with darvish that you write very well indeed…but your rhyming couplets jar, especially in this poem, the previous one , quoted by Darvish is excellent…

    Motamid: While I admit that couplets are not always my forte and am sometimes at a loss as to how to end strongly with them, there are times when discordance is chosen for emphasis and effect, and this poem (in which rhyming couplets are already unusual to the form’s style) for all of its subversive cunning carries it well I feel.

  4. Krishna.n.c says:

    Dear Rafeal,
    Subhanallah! i got your link (courtesy beloved brother Irving) and read your ARAFAT which is so touching and humbling :)
    I am so moved by the power of your words and your deep imagination streaming out from the purity of your soul..
    A wonderful blog my dear! Keep up the excellent work and bless us seekers with solace and a glimpse of His beauty:))
    May Allah shine up your path and bless you with His love and endless mercy:)
    My love, prayers and hugs for you!

    Motamid: AstaghfirulLAH! Coming from the purity of my soul? Please do not condemn my poetry as being from such a source! Wassalam.

  5. Amina says:

    that was beautiful!

    Motamid: Glad you enjoyed it, Amina. Wassalam.

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