Al Fajr

I gaze beneath the glowing azure sky
While a whispering dawn with frosty wings
Sighs with sweet caress as she dances by
And a chirping choir bursts awake and sings.
There in the burbling rivers of the world
The snow-white froth gleamed the first sign of light
Of both star and dawn as confusion swirled
Across a melting canvass of passing night.
So by this is good, gentle night rent asunder:
This spectacle of morning beheld in wonder.

O morning remember thy origin
Drawing breath at the dawning of the world
When man was cast to darkness by no sin,
Exiled until stars fall and skies are furled.
O woe was that destiny of Adam
To bring upon us this taste of darkness
That dire day when all Earth in darkness swam,
A whole horizon lost to black distress,
For even our stars seem meagre and cold
Next to the sunless lights angels behold.
Thou arose a fresh promise of Mercy,
Called to life at that primordial dawn,
A glowing halo for all the world to see
As the veil of the death-mist was withdrawn.
And Adam gazing upon this wreath of fire
Bowed low in awe, then stood, then prostrated
As we do now, griped by the same desire
In gratitude for that dawn re-created.
So as the moon and stars winked away
Adam prayed — and we follow — for that first day.

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2 comments on “Al Fajr

  1. Irving says:

    These are immensely beautiful and finely wrought poems. You are of the first rank of poets, O Troubadour :)

    Ya Haqq!

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