Come to me, my petite odalisque,
Sit beside me with lute and wine,
Softly lull or play notes so brisk
To sing me towards the divine.
O come to me, my little one,
Let me fall deeply into thee
Until words melt away undone
To be replaced by what I see.
O my little sweet silver star
With the hair of evening sundrop
And such rich nutmeg eyes that are
Enough for poverty to stop:
I could have all Zanzibar or have naught,
If I had thy glance, what else need be sought?

This entry was posted in Sonnets.

One comment on “Zanzibar

  1. Irving says:

    What a beautiful sonnet :) Your use of rhyme is divine, your phrasing deserves the highest praising.

    Ya Haqq!

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