O my star! my star! stay! that I may gaze
Upon thee, who fills the night of my being
With thy radiant, celestial blaze
From which shadows are cast into fleeing.
O star, my star! shine and glow for all time
To adorn like a pearl the veil of night,
Thou who made the death mist alive, sublime,
And luminous with thy ethereal light.
For I loved fire, wind, gardens, sun and moon;
But I have known nothing gentler than thee,
They were all inconstant or passed too soon
But thou can be a constant guide to me.
And awed I gaze on thee above this world
In gentle grandeur with twilight unfurled.

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2 comments on “Tariq

  1. halim shin says:

    Your twilight
    engulf me in oneness

    your gentle grandeur
    filled my breaths
    of existence

    How can i gaze
    upon your stars
    light upon light away

    Your sun moon
    stars and fire
    were not enough
    for the beloved ibrahim

    As we turn round
    and round 7 times
    beside your ancient house
    drinking your endless
    blessings and mercy

    what more
    can we sing and praise
    except what the prophet
    taught us humbly
    and secretly whisper
    the purest need
    in shadow of
    muzammil hour !

  2. alison says:

    This is beautiful. Very spriritual.

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