Interpretation of a qasida of Shaykh al-Alawi

O ye who seeks ALLAH
Hear what we have to say
If you’re not lost to awe
It may ease the long way:
For you, O seeker there,
Is the wine of Unity
If more to drink you care
Shun all but what hearts see.
Recall the Name alone
You will the Heavens fold
And endless oceans own
And ALLAH’s sea behold,
The endless sea of lights,
And secrets of delight!
When your heart ascending
Becomes lost in worship
You shall be beholding
The Essence of Lordship.
Life is a shard of Light
And all the worlds He owns
Manifest His Great Might
And all its colors and tones.
The Essence has been named
So forget these lower states;
Find what is proclaimed
The Holy Presence’s Gates!
Yes, know the quintessence
Of the Essence of Essence!

Collaboration with Sidi Omar Hossino


3 comments on “Interpretation of a qasida of Shaykh al-Alawi

  1. Yaser says:

    Assalam ‘Alaykum Sidi,

    You wouldn’t have the Arabic as well?

  2. chaiwala says:

    as-salamu alaykum, first visit to your blog. Masha’Allah an excellent interpretation!

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