Interpretation of a poem of Imam Shafi'i

O let the day pass as the day may fair
Wary to remedy against destiny,
But do not grieve all night with petty cares
For none of them shall see eternity.
Upon all of life’s affairs be a man,
Rest upon mercy and fidelity:
When you stand betrayed by every clan
With your secrets laid bare for all to see,
Then shame is cloaked by generosity.
No sorrow or delight is meant to last
Nor is any pain or prosperity,
But the Kingdom of Heaven is vast, vast!
So let the days pass as they wish to fair
Knowing well that Death is always somewhere.

Collaboration with Sidi Omar Hossino


3 comments on “Interpretation of a poem of Imam Shafi'i

  1. says:

    We have placed the full version on our website, please read it too.

    and many other gems too.

  2. rafique bharoochi says:

    salaam. i need the words of imam shafi poem da iel ayaam in arabic please

  3. Abu Dijan says:

    please someone post all poems by shafi’i

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