Con claridad te veo con alma linda
Te veo furiosa gritando como golondrina
Y no tengo palabras para cantar contigo
Solo para decir que linda, que linda.
Carlos Parral
You came to me as you always have done:
On a night I did not think I would see,
And at once every thought was undone
To see you standing there right before me.
Once not long ago, I was your angel,
O adonic star of my horizon,
And yet — there was no other way — we fell;
Do both sun and moon not sink and wizen?
That night when you came with your last embrace,
Bewildered as I was, I understood
Like one who his own death at last must face
As speechlessly in front of you I stood:
Prince of your pantheon I was before,
Now just a shadow lingers — nothing more.
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