Ode to the Word

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ir-Raheem

All praise be to the LORD of voice and song
Who gave sweet breath to angel and prophet
To call the wayward back where they belong
And tidings to those who do not forget!
What ecstasy has blessed the mortal ear;
Surely there is wisdom in what was sung
And beauty that to-day we still can hear:
Pearls the noble ancients to us have flung.
Surely with noble voice our knowledge grows
And in good, kind words is a great reward,
This fruit the scholar and mystic both know;
The quill is mightier than the sword!

Were we not created by His great Word?
Is not everything then just a breath?
Every rock, every tree, man, and bird
Is like to whisper “Elizabeth”.
And if at our centre we are a name —
Perhaps seven, perhaps more, perhaps less —
Are they for us to realise or to tame?
This is speculation I confess,
But were we not commanded to recite
And speak true and noble words in prayer?
If we are words by that Guiding Light
Could the soul grow as we become aware?

O Word what fine blessings thou dost offer:
Speech to worship and to make repentence,
Breath to call the flock to prayer and stir
The heart with constant rememberance.
Thou givest sweet voice to remember Our LORD
And send blessings to His beloved prince;
To make gatherings of noble accord
And nurture our wayward mind and conscience.
O thou dost chase away the dawn and dusk,
Herald of sacred night and blessèd day,
Craftest poems of virtue like fine musk;
Be an intercession for us I pray!

August 06 – 08, 2006

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