A Prayer

Oh Lord I offer myself to You and seek Your Mercy and Bounty; please forgive me, spare me from the fires of Hell, from the torment of the grave, lead me kindly into Paradise to be united with the righteous companions, guide me in my faith and in my studies, lead me to Your Reward, assist me in the trials of this life and the next, protect me in the manner of your righteous servants, bless and protect the Prophets and their families and followers, bless and protect all humanity that we may better ourselves through peace, understanding, and acceptance of Your Will, bless and protect my family, friends, loved ones, and affaires, instil in them faith and virtue; forgive me for my many short-comings, and accept my prayers and servitude and teach me to do better, teach me to love all that You Love, and refrain from all that displeases You for You Alone are all I desire, let me be not vain or boastful, let me be not idle as I have often been, let me be not lustful nor unloving, let me be not anything but among those who are Your righteous slaves who are humble and subservient to Your Will, strengthen in me my virtues and liberate me from my sins and vices for verily I worship You and You alone, I ask only of You, and need only You, I believe in the Books that You have revealed and in Your Prophets.


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