The Lamentation of the Lover

In searching for Him, Whose Name we have known
Sometimes as Divine Love or Love alone,
I sought distance away from mortal cares
And turn towards His Noble Face and stare.
I set upon the humble lover’s path,
Seeking to love Him and avoid His Wrath,
And ask that He calm my weakened heart
In exchange for my piety and art,
And thus endeavoured with ink to please my Lord
Writing on the mystic ways and their reward.
But when I wrote the high-purposed verse
I found that it would unravel in a curse
That sent my labour down to mortal realms
And not He Who commands the Noble Helm;
May He forgive my faults and spare the worst!
And when I sought to appease romance’s thirst
Then to Heavenly heights it thus ascends
When I would rather these mortal longings rend!
I tried to write for love of the Divine
But what I find is neither water nor wine
But the face of that beloved I know so well
I have sought Heaven only to find Hell!

22 March 2005


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