While you roamed in your mind’s wild delusion
Talking mad thoughts about mad things and screams
I found myself lost at the brink of confusion
Wondering if I too suffered in such dreams.
But while we dream of rising beyond this realm
You hold back while I long for Him as well
Until love and joy alight and overwhelm –
Where I seek unity, you seek to rebel.
As I watch you in ecstasy and fear
I breathe in those heavy airs again
But they are not as they once appeared
They stifle still, but yet, there was a gain:
In the airs that bore that old love anew
I felt a love beyond me, beyond you.

21 March 2005 RJ

Trip It:

I roamed in my mind’s wild delusions.
Mad thoughts, mad things, mad screams
Dreams are reality. Reality is a dream.
Love, joy, love, joy, love, joy, PAIN
Overwhelms the mind –
Talk to your mind
Talk about your mind
Talk with your mind
Focus – breathe – focus – breathe
The spinning, out of control
The blinking, too much
Just ride, just breathe, just enjoy…
It, joy, it, joy, it, joy, PAIN
You felt it beyond you, beyond me.

22 March 2005 FB


One comment on “Isthmus

  1. anonymous says:

    it is not about love. it is about pain. it is about suffering. pain follows pleasure. it is the way the world works…ps. listen to PJ Harvey – she’s pretty inspirational – angry white female – but talented!…tripped

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