The Return

I stand upon these shores at the dawning of a New Age;
Here, across these endless waters, my last voyage
Shall embark along, carrying me to distant havens;
The pearly ships now rise upon that horizon fair

Where the sun speeds to rest, where I shall soon wander
There the timeless green valleys spread to the sea
I shall seek my final comfort there yonder
Where the sky and the oceans each other do greet

Oh endless land that Long Ages ago I knew
Accept me, your child, after such long years
Uncountable in sorrow, whose healing I seek in you
Send me strength and hold back these coming tears

Now the White Ships come glistening across the ocean
They beckon me to join them away from the fading light
Calling me to distant shores, the silver lands of my devotion
Why then do tears shed as those dying lands fade from sight?

Oh Long Lost Lands! I seek my birthright promised in thee!
Oh Long Lost Lands! To thee now let these waters carry me!

March 15, 2004


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