Loving Dreams

Dear love, now that we are free
I spend many moments in thought
Dreaming about your company
-Making up for the time we’ve lost.

Dear love, how I wish to hold you
As in my dreams I often have
When in my sleep the stars were new
And in your likeness they were clad.

They stood in breathless beauty
Each as bright as your tender kiss
And I felt it was my lover’s duty
To gaze upon each, without a miss.

There they all stood, above all earthy sins
Sometimes I thought they whispered your name,
In the voice of some nightly wind,
To make me think of you again.

Dreams like that I’ve often dreamt
And a thousand more I can recall
Yet I’m unsure of what each meant
For many were their songs and calls.

But in all the dreams in which I’ve slept
Often wishing not to wearily wake
Something had made me rise from rest:
Another glimpse at your heavenly face.

Febraury 20, 2003


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