Night of the Frost Fairies

Silver crowned snowflakes amidst the night sky
Twirling and flirting as slowly they glide
Wild Frost fairies and nimble ice elves
Singing and dancing as they jingle their bells
A cloud woven blanket now covers the frost
That painted the grass with dusty star sparks
A hoard of black snow cats, each with ten tails
Each gathered in line and then cater wailed
Each striking a chord as deep as thunder
Calling the snow mites to help with the plunder.

A Moon-shadow soars, into a bedroom crashes
As shady soul spinners dance on the eye lashes
Of a meek boy sleeping by the fiery breath
Of a dozen dream dragons lying on his chest;
Then the fantasmies, they cower and flee
Hither and thither and melt before me
They leaped and they shimmered
Their songs slowly dimmered
The ripples of frost
Turned to speckled dew drops
And when the yellow face appeared
Their winter mysteries were cleared.
December 11, 2002

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