Upon Choosing to Convert to Islam

I sit here in tranquility and awe
Unleashed and free from earthly laws.
I see before me endless sands,
And Eden now calls me now to withdraw.

High aloft I gaze upon a grand expanse,
Where to some ancient monk, a Voice commands,
In the shrill Wind upon a peak in Katmandu,
Where silver chimes echo a holy plan.

I once sat waiting for the dawn to come
But lost hope in finding the rising Sun.
Called to the light of the Crescent Moon,
I was summoned by a bold beating drum.

In every season, change, state, and hue
I seek now what truth lies hidden from view,
That which whose murmur beckons me to come
To answer a call to which I might succumb.

November 20, 2002 / 15 Ramadan 1423


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