O! Fairest flower that now flies free
How I wish for you to return to me
As you soar with no ceiling above
Too high for my tear-blinded eyes to see.

The cage is empty where once was a dove
The eyes that were starry now are a-flood
And loneliness points my head to the noose
With every gaze at the romancing sun.

But on which should my heavy brow more peruse?
For in Autumn’s glow I’ve lost a muse
But fear not my heart for names and guilt!
My finger won’t raise to point and accuse.

I still guard this flower that shall ne’er wilt
Reminding me of lips of honey and milk
Your treasures shalnt fade, nor be cast to die
They stain more than seas of crimson blood spilt.

Those wells of honeydew if ever dry
I shall over-brim with those I cry
As I stagger in the gleaming moonlight
That over looks on sorrowed sighs.

I shall softly shut my eyes to the night,
Pretend to hear not my solemn soul’s blight
That gripped my chest and struck at my heart
When your warmth betrayed me to frosty ice.

For when it came for us to turn and part
Ere I went hence I still left thee my art
And with each footfall there struck a new song
That pierced my ears like an arrow in the dark.


One comment on “Lament

  1. bloodlessenvy says:

    liana………the anme is familiar……is this about who i think it is?

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