Upon a Dream

Like a wisp of smoke they did arrive
From their unknown faces many would drive;
Dark were his features, cold and serene
With eyes that burnt in hues of fiery green
That surveyed the land they had come upon;
Like Death he came, like a breeze he was gone.

He came across a chieftain’s fair daughter
And asked of her shelter, food, and water.
She sought his name, he replied, Nomad
— Surely no fear this dark traveller had!
Of his affairs then inquired the maid
His reply was quite shameless: the slave trade.
And then came out cries against the depraved
Who were bound by those they would have enslaved.

He was taken prisoner by the town
And despite the abuses that did abound
Against him, he kept himself proud and tall
And answered with composure the taunting calls.
And when the fair maiden came to see him
He calmly would answer her every whim
As if her presence his misery tamed
And when she at last saw she felt the same
She pleaded his freedom and by mercy
He was allowed once to roam the high seas.

That season he sailed and prowled both day and night
And charting his path by stars and moonlight
He sought to finish what he started before:
His quest for a maiden to love and adore.
Finding again the chieftain’s fair daughter,
He offered a new life roaming the waters.
Like the mist that followed him long ago
They sailed away by the moonlight’s soft glow;
The wild winds moaned, the sails billowed and roared
And to their destiny they sailed towards.
September 6, 2002


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