Lying here admist the ancient rusty stars…

Lying here amidst the ancient rusty stars:
Glowing lanterns, winking watchers from afar
Shadows flirting throughout the windy night
Softly creeping beside my left and right
Then melting with a ghostly breeze.
Sounds ruffle in sombre tones
Mimicking a clattering of rustling keys,
And blazing eyes like a thousand stones
Watch a blossom unveil beneath the moon
To unleash a dream, brewed in perfume.
A chime! A chime! Echoes in my mind!
I’ve lost my sight, so carry me blind,
Ye strange spirits! Lead me somewhere bound!
Stop when some roaring wave begins to sound
Over a diamond realm of dreams, dust, ashes, flame, fear
And where crimson wax bleeds into ruby tears
That may land and shatter this crumbling land
And relieve at last the woe and pain of man.
Look! the banners of a king!
Glory marching as I have never seen!
The lark sounds a heralding song
Enough to please the ear of Khan.
Next comes le
Roi Soleil – lo !
His glorious consorts swiftly follow
Wreathed in a crown of flame
As he orders the start of the dawning day.

August 2002

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