Zealously I sought one to trust and now
All my dreams I spread before you, and I
Reach for your hand to point a quetzal
By some far tree, some place mystical.
For place your hand in mine and unify
All our dreams — we’ll go to Cuzco or Macao,
Bayeux or Beaune, Chinon or Chenonceau,
Ibarra or Rapa Nui, or dream
Nestled together beneath magnolia
Trees of places dreamt, undreamt, near, or far –
Only to fall asleep beneath a shooting star
Mirrored in the night of your eyes: I may
Amaze myself in your stars and moonbeam,
Relieved of life — will you relieve our woe?


Zanzibar has much pass along its coasts
And many are the wonders of the world
Riches of gold bartered beneath lampposts
In towns across the seas and deserts hurled:
Forgotten near you are treasurers from afar;
You are rarer than the desert pearl,
Richer than the coasts of Zanzibar.

The Zawiya

Flowers glow in morning’s twilight
Suspended in the whispered air
In glass stained red and gold and white
Blooming into life forever fair.

Beads click the tick of passing time
In a sacred, blessed hour
Untolled by bells, unkept by chimes,
When the seed bursts and flowers.

The gardener observes and then
Leaves to tend what he attends;
Perhaps to drink from some private spring.

The flowers leave to other gardens,
Birds ascend while they descend,
Awoken and awakening.


We held each other on nights such as this
Searching each other like puzzle pieces
On a bed too small for two to fit
With all their desires and caprices.
But all that is no more, yet still the bed
Seems too small for me with all my longing:
I reach for you in this space and instead
Find nothing more, nothing less, than nothing.
You should fill the space this nothing fills
That space with you is more inviting,
Warmer, calmer, more delighting
Than this lonely, empty chill.
Come, come, our puzzle is not complete
Until we together purr and fall asleep.


Life without love drags lifelessly
But Death unites my love and me
Yet I cannot haste to meet you
Let Paradise haste to meet me.

Please my love return to me

Please my love return to me
Please my love be here
Without you I live lifelessly
So please my love be near.
I do not always hit the mark
And that has caused you pain
But walk with me into the park
I’ll hurt you never again.
I cannot be without you
My bed has grown too cold
So please my love lets start anew
I’ll hold you when you’re old.